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Few other events of WW2 have captured the imagination of the public quite as much as the D-Day Landings at Normandy, and it still remains an inspiring and captivating story to this day.

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We often base ourselves at the 3 star Hotel Clos Normand which is situated on Juno Beach - which was attacked by Canadian Forces on the 6th of June, 1944.

As well as following particular units and relatives who served, our visits may include;

Omaha Beach and the U.S. cemetery. Here we walk through the German strongpoint WN62 and into the cemetery and visitor centre.

Utah Beach & U.S. airborne. We visit Sainte-Mer-Eglise and and La Fiere Bridge, both objectives of the 82nd Airborne. Also we visit Brecourt Manor battery site, the museum and Pointe-de-Hoc battery.

Gold Beach and Arromanches. We view the remains of the Mulberry Harbour and follow the action of CSM Stan Hollis, V.C. Visits also include La Cambe German and Bayeux British cemeteries, as well as La Chaos battery.

Falaise Gap and Juno Beach. Travelling towards Falaise we visit the tank action where Michael Wittman and his crew were lost. We follow the action during which Canadian Major David Currie won the V.C. and drive along the Corridor of Death. At the Abbey d'Ardenne we view the garden where Canadian soldiers were executed by the SS.

British airborne landing area. We examine the Glider borne attack at Pegasus Bridge, visit the 6th Airborne museum and Ranville British Cemetery - where we visit the graves of Lt Den Brotheridge who died leading his men over Pegasus Bridge, 16 year old Bobby Johns and Private Emil Corteil and his dog Glen.

The tour price is based on the sharing of twin rooms with private facilities. For a single room there is a supplement of £30.00 per night. This is a direct charge to us by the hotel and is beyond our control. Payments for battlefield Journeys may be made by Cheque, electronic transfer, card payment online via Paypal or by Sterling Bank Draft payable to BBJ Journeys (trust) account.

Three day Tour: £ 985

Four day Tour: £ 1,205

Five day Tour: £ 1,425