Trefor JonesResearcher
    Born in Hertfordshire, Trefor has long been fascinated by research in various fields and has  written and published books on football history.  He recently provided the material for a Commonwealth War Graves Commission exhibition on Cricket and the Two World Wars. Since first travelling with BBJ he has become immersed in Western Front studies and has developed a particular interest in British war cemeteries and especially the personal epitaphs on their headstones. After a great many long days spent touring the cemeteries of Belgium and northern France, Trefor has now published a book “On Fame’s Eternal Camping Ground: A study of First World War epitaphs in the British cemeteries of the Western Front”.  A must for every student of the Great War and an essential pilgrims’ guide, the book can be purchased via the BBJ website at  World War History Store Trefor undertakes research for BBJ at The National Archives at Kew, London .