David J BartlettOwner / Visionary

    David could not have imagined whilst researching the Great War involvement of his two Uncles more than 25 years ago, that those many personal visits of exploration to the Western Front battlefields would evolve into the stimulating concern that has become the premier trademark of battlefield tourism, Bartletts Battlefield Journeys.

    Looking back it is now patently apparent that the path that has led David to the present day has been a natural progression and it was something that was intended to happen. Perhaps the spirits of those soldiers who haunt the Great War battlefields spurred him forward to ensure their deeds and memory may never be erased.

    His influence extends along the whole length of the Western Front and his services as a consultant are sought regularly by film makers, TV and radio producers, authors and researchers.  Productions where his advice has been sought include an award winning Granada TV documentary on black and Asian soldiers in the Great War, and a Dutch TV documentary on the discovery of the remains of 21 soldiers near Arras which was received with much acclaim throughout Europe and the U.K.

    David applies meticulous attention to the very basic of details, a result of his extensive police experience which propelled him to senior rank before his retirement in 1995. This perspective is tried, tested and proven, and has brought David and BBJ many accolades from many thousands of guests world-wide since the company was formed in 1995.

    To all who are thinking of visiting the battlefields, the message is always the same. You will be assured of David’s personal attention to every journey. Only when the detailed planning and research is in place will the guest’s exciting pilgrimage be given over to one of BBJ’s four experienced, committed and devoted guides.

    This unique vigilance ensures the guest will gain the best possible experience from their time with Bartletts and results in many clients undertaking repeat journeys.  The record so far for a repeat traveller is 17 Journeys.

    These methods can only be applied to small group journeys; with no more than seven guests. Everyone can be assured of individual attention. This is the ethos of Bartletts Battlefield Journeys.